Book Theme: Perspective

Sunday, September 6, 2015

September Theme of the Month: Perspective 

It is so important for our students to consider multiple perspectives, whether it is in reading or in their everyday lives. Oftentimes, children (especially younger children) do not realize that people have a perspective different from their own. Exposing them to this through books is important in helping them realize it applies to their everyday life as well.

Hey Little Ant, which is based on a song written by Phillip Hoose and his daughter Hannah, is a fabulous way to introduce perspective to students. This book is written in the perspective of the ant negotiating with the “kid” who is about to flatten him. The book is left open-ended, which allows for some wonderful discussion about what the “kid” should do, persuasion, and how each character feels.

Here’s a read aloud for Hey Little Ant:

Activities and Resources for Hey Little Ant:

Other books with the theme “perspective”:


  1. Very cool - I've not read this book before but I enjoyed the video. I think sometimes as an adult, I too forget that others have a different perspective from my own! But, of course, I'm reminded rather quickly of the fact... and regularly. ;)

  2. Thanks for posting these materials! They will be useful for the online course at Every teacher would enjoy using it.

  3. Really interesting. I think I will get back to your blog for more readings right after I get what I need from the Online Machine Translations service. Thank you for posting!

  4. That's cool! thanks for sharing. Sorry for offtopic, but I like your background! it'd so shiny :) I need to make the same for


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