About Me

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit more about me! 

My name is Michaela Almeida. On Reading Royalty, I will be sharing stories, ideas, fabulous resources, and the occasional giveaway! 

My Professional Life...

I am currently a reading specialist working with students in grades K-6. Prior to becoming a reading specialist, I taught grades 3, 4, and 5. 

I have always had a passion for creating teaching materials to use in my classroom. I discovered Teachers Pay Teachers in 2013 and learned that there was a way for me to share my materials with hundreds of thousands of teachers. The idea that my materials could impact the learning of a student across the country or help out an extremely busy teacher is amazing!

A Little More About Me...

My wonderful husband and I were married in November, 2012 and are living in bliss in our little one bedroom apartment! He is extremely supportive of me in everything I do (which is good, because becoming a successful teacherpreneur is a full time job on top of teaching and finishing my masters degree!)  

Aside from teaching, working on products, and doing homework... though that doesn't leave much free time, you can find me reading, painting my nails, scouring Pinterest for recipes and crafts that I probably won't have time to try out, cleaning/organizing (I have a Type A personality), and relaxing with my husband, family, and friends. 


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