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I Hate Reading is an ebook for intermediate level reluctant readers. Kids will relate with the main character as he shares his disdain for reading though journal-like entries and his persistent teacher gives him book after book in an attempt to spark his interest.

Excerpt from the back cover:

Do you hate reading?
Me too.
Let's face it. I'm just not a reader. I've never found a book I liked. Not even one.
The problem is, my teacher loves reading. She won't stop trying to find a book that will change my mind.
It's never going to happen though. I bet you can guess why...
Because reading is THE WORST! (See, I knew you would agree with me!)

I Hate Reading is available for $2.99 as a kindle ebook on Amazon or as a PDF ebook on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Moose's Winter is a picture book for young children.

Excerpt from the back cover:

Moose and Bear are friends.
Best friends.
The do everything together.
So, while bear hibernates for the winter, Moose needs to learn how to have fun on his own.

Moose's Winter is available for $6.99 in paperback format on Amazon, $2.99 as a kindle ebook on Amazon or for $2.99 as a PDF ebook on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I Don't Need a Nap is a picture book for young children. Based on my son, Jack's, real life dislike of nap time, this sweet story is relatable for parents and children alike.

Excerpt from the back cover:

Jack doesn't need a nap. He is too busy playing to sleep!
What happens when he tries to convince Mama that everyone else is tired, but he's not? 

I Don't Need a Nap is available for $6.99 in paperback format on Amazon or for $2.99 as a kindle ebook on Amazon.

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