Book Theme: Perseverance

Monday, June 1, 2015

June Theme of the Month: Perseverance

I think we all need a little perseverance when it comes to the end of the school year, especially with 17 school days ahead of us (it was a particularly brutal winter in New England and we’re paying for it now). This is one of my favorite themes and it is SO important to instill this in our students.

Perseverance through a difficult assignment, persevering through an emotionally tough time in life, these are all things are students are going to encounter as they grow. They need to realize that it is possible to never give up when faced with these difficulties, because they are inevitable and how we respond can shape our lives.

An amazing book with the theme is The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires. I love this book! It is so relatable!

Here’s a book trailer for The Most Magnificent Thing: 

Activities and Resources for The Most Magnificent Thing:

Other books with the theme "perseverance":

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