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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today was our first day! I was very nervous, but it turned out wonderful! I think I'm going to love fifth grade!

I've been dying to share my new classroom with everyone! I've been so busy with making sure everything is ready and with PD that I didn't get a change to post this before we went back to school. I also wish I remember to take some before pictures.. it wasn't pretty!

I am most proud of my classroom library! I am only beginning my third year as a classroom teacher and I think I have a great collection so far! I spent a lot of time organizing the books, labeling, and color coding by genre. 

See that?!  I have an Epson! Woo, I love technology!

My room doesn't have much on the walls or bulletin boards (YET). I'm kind of a less is more kind of gal. I LOVE anchor charts though, so they will soon be filled with the charts we make together during mini lessons! Much more meaningful than throwing up posters in my opinion!

I was originally going to do a board game themed classroom. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to move into my new room early enough, so I didn't get to follow through on that theme! I decided I would stick to bright colors with my new theme: "5th Grade is Bright!"

My Monday through Friday buckets (I've never come up with a better name..) are the one thing I cannot live without in my classroom! I'm a planner, so I like to have pretty much everything ready to go. I keep everything I'm going to use for each day (homework, games, papers, etc.) in the buckets. It definitely helps me keep organized! 

I wish I had taken a picture of the computer tables before. They were a mess.. not strong enough.. an abomination! Ripped, floral contact paper straight from the 80's. Huge thanks to my parents for spending hours with a tablecloth and a nail gun! 

I used a behavior clip chart last year in third grade and it worked out really well. I'm hoping it will work this year! If not, I have already signed up for Class Dojo!

I can't wait to put this into action! The kids absolutely flipped out  when they saw this. We're going to use this as a place for students to put their exit slips. It's perfect because we will be switching classes for math and science. I even let the kids make up their own Twitter handles, which was so much fun! 

Did you take pictures of your classroom this year? Leave me the link! I want to see what you've all done! 

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